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Anahi Reyes By just_girl_next_door Completed

Your POV

"Please (y/n) don't leave"Mabel and Dipper cried.You where 9 years old and are best friends with the twins. You where moving to Gravity Falls.(By the way Dipper and Mabel haven't gone to Gravity Falls)"I'm sorry but I have to go"you cried. "Just remember we will always be best friends"you told them.With that Dipper ran to you and gave you a (f/c) necklace with a heart and the picture of you 3 and Mabel gave you a (s/f/c) sweater. You cried as you got these lovely presents. Then you remembered you also had gifts you rumbled through your bag and took out a pair of golden star earnings and a brown baseball cap with a star in the center. You handed the earrings to Mabel and the cap to Dipper. "Thank you"they sadly responded. "Ah come on don't be sad. Sure I'm leaving but we always be the troublemaker trio" you smiled. "Last group hug" you said and extended your. Group hug they responded. You almost cried. (y/n) your mom shouted "coming" "I guess this the end" and we had a last hu...

Lorelei_Midnight Lorelei_Midnight Jun 29, 2016
Whoa, dude! You have feelings already?! You're like nine years old!
I'm going to be pretend I'm 12 again oh no when I was 12 I hated being called cute
animegirl5316 animegirl5316 Feb 12, 2016
*drops marshmallow picks up marshmallow shoves in mouth* 5 second rule
raylyn_sing raylyn_sing Feb 15
Again with the freaking marshmallows. They have a life too, leave them be.
SerahAwesomeGirl SerahAwesomeGirl Feb 01, 2016
*Noms on marshmellows and get the marshmellow bag from the author and running away*
Cupcakez29 Cupcakez29 Dec 21, 2015
* pushes curly hair back * bye Dipping Sauce... I will see you in about 3 years