What Was Once Hidden ~ Carl Grimes Fanfic

What Was Once Hidden ~ Carl Grimes Fanfic

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Alex a 13 year old girl from Atlanta finds herself in a world filled with monsters ready to tear flesh from her body around every corner. She wakes up from an a coma to meet a friend who is in the same position. Rick Grimes. Rick finds his family but did Alex find someones heart? 
She has many hidden secrets...will he uncover them... 

"Is everything going to be okay?" 

"Everything is going to be okay." 



✔All characters, plots,ect belonging to The Walking Dead are all theirs. The only thing I own are my characters, plots, ect.✔

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Uncle....john....the hunter? Do we also have cousins named Sam and dean?
aestheticcxc aestheticcxc Apr 21, 2017
I always think that when you're in coma it's like sleep paralysis, your mind is awake but your whole body is still asleep, I've had sleep paralysis a couple times and its not that scary tbh
Rueana_Paige_Black Rueana_Paige_Black Jul 27, 2017
"Wanna come?"
                              Me- HELL YES! TAKE ME TO YOUR SON- I MEAN TAKE ME WITH YOU!
LRiggs2004 LRiggs2004 Sep 21, 2017
"Wanna come?"
                              Normal people: "Umm, okay."
                              Me: HELL YEAH I WANNA COME MEET YOUR HOT ASS SON- I mean.... sure!
Finnslivy Finnslivy Dec 18, 2016
This is like my third time reading this book, I love it smmmmmm
TylerJosephsNipple TylerJosephsNipple Dec 29, 2016
Such a casual moment like they're both in shock and the world is full of walkers but they're just having a regular conversation.