Alpha's Rogue

Alpha's Rogue

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Sexual scenes and false language read at your own risk!

I'm Avril and I have been through a lot of things! I have fun when I can but I am also very alert my past was horrible and my present isn't the best but I will make the best of it. 

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missyxmills missyxmills Jul 19
Wait so he had sex with a HOLE IN HER LEG!?!?!?!??!?!?! 
                              I think his mad!!
ixmeliexi ixmeliexi Apr 14
So umm... He made a hole in her leg and put his dick in it???
Ekatrice1719 Ekatrice1719 Sep 24, 2016
I'm usually not disgusted by anything. So when I read this...... I was surprised. 😵
GoSsipGiRLLieQ GoSsipGiRLLieQ Jul 06, 2016
The dude is psycho...and thats just plain f*ckinh nasty and creepy
Mocha15years Mocha15years Sep 18, 2016
Um... Plz tell me this is just made up and this type of thing DOSENT exist...
0XxXHopeXxX0 0XxXHopeXxX0 Sep 10, 2016
Luke hemming ... Really? 😂😂 couldn't think of an original name?