Super(ish)  [#Wattys2015]

Super(ish) [#Wattys2015]

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In the superhero world, Everett Moore is regarded as nothing more than a sidekick with a pretty face. She's left out of everything, and she has to say that it really sucks. She also has to say that she's sick and tired of being underestimated, just because she doesn't have the coolest powers in the universe.

But, when Barry Bass, the superhero she "sidekicks" for, has to go off to a Superhero Convention in Lake Tahoe (leaving the safety of their town in Everett's slightly incapable hands), Everett is in for the week and a half of her life.

Because, as soon as Barry's gone, in strolls in super villain Flynn Daniels- known for his chocolate brown hair and big temper tantrums. However, when Everett is somehow able to capture him and bring him back to the lair, she's forced to face snark, sarcasm, and the charm of Flynn Daniels as she tries (and fails) to rehabilitate him into being a super(ish) hero, simultaneously trying to prove that she's more than just a pretty face.

(Current Cover created by the hella rad and hella badass and hella good writer @crewneck. If you have half a brain you'll check her out.)

Ah well I'm not pretty anyway skip. 
                              This reminds me to listen to Daya's 'Sit still, Look pretty."
No no ofcourse not... Im a french patatoe thats been deep fried in apple sauce and baked in the microwave with semi sweet chocolate chips and pickle juice, what do you think i am?!
At least they have a decent to look at... my face is distorted and unbearable to glimpse at
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lol no my feet look better than my face and they're pretty banged up from years of ramming  them into shít
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Yeah that girl is so not me, my drawing look better than me and I can't even draw stick men correctly. 😅
Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve. The original love triangle😂 #StrangerThings