Super(ish)  [#Wattys2015]

Super(ish) [#Wattys2015]

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In the superhero world, Everett Moore is regarded as nothing more than a sidekick with a pretty face. She's left out of everything, and she has to say that it really sucks. She also has to say that she's sick and tired of being underestimated, just because she doesn't have the coolest powers in the universe.

But, when Barry Bass, the superhero she "sidekicks" for, has to go off to a Superhero Convention in Lake Tahoe (leaving the safety of their town in Everett's slightly incapable hands), Everett is in for the week and a half of her life.

Because, as soon as Barry's gone, in strolls in super villain Flynn Daniels- known for his chocolate brown hair and big temper tantrums. However, when Everett is somehow able to capture him and bring him back to the lair, she's forced to face snark, sarcasm, and the charm of Flynn Daniels as she tries (and fails) to rehabilitate him into being a super(ish) hero, simultaneously trying to prove that she's more than just a pretty face.

(Current Cover created by the hella rad and hella badass and hella good writer @crewneck. If you have half a brain you'll check her out.)

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freckledasian freckledasian Nov 18, 2017
awe, that's nice. kinda relatable since I've only ever gotten compliments on my looks and personality and absolutely nothing else 😂😅💔
legoldenretriever legoldenretriever Aug 28, 2017
For all the people saying, 'I'm ugly.  Can't relate,' this story isn't for you to relate to.  It's for you to learn the story of someone else.  But then again, what do I know?
AnnabethTardis AnnabethTardis Nov 29, 2017
I'm not pretty. I can kick butt, but I am certainly not pretty. I take two martial arts, but I am for certain not pretty.
JaidaNichole JaidaNichole Nov 17, 2017
Everyone is like ‘I’m not pretty’ when I’m kind of here to gloat about the fact that I’m cocky af and I’m naturally beautiful....
                              And guess what...
                              So are all of you!
chameleonsrule chameleonsrule Oct 19, 2017
I can't tell you how many times I've read this book. I love it so dang much. It's my go-to book to read when I'm in the mood for something cute or spunky or uplifting ugh I love it so much
yanneymeneses yanneymeneses Sep 02, 2017
hi can we use this story for our school project? we'll be making a movie about heroes and this story is the best one i've read so far.