Meeting a Demon( I@MHS FANFIC)

Meeting a Demon( I@MHS FANFIC)

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~Rae~ By AncientRosetta Updated Jan 10, 2017

*I changed the protagonists name. also hi there it's been a while how r u? i'm gonna be rewriting this so have fun rereading ahhahahahaha
Esumi Yamataka is a highly adept magician. She specializes in magic engineering and healing magic, as well as a bit of elemental magic. She has just passed the entrance exam to First Magic High School, with 4th place scores. The first day of the welcoming ceremonies at FMHS are pretty nice, but when Esumi runs into Tatsuya Shiba... 

This is a Irregular at Magic High School Fanfiction! The story is going to be in Japanese format (sort of, like they are in the anime) So if the names are said Yamataka, Esumi, for example, then her name in English would be Esumi Yamataka. The comma is there for a reason.

the characters are not mine unless they are (really cryptic but you understand)

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SarcasmIsBliss SarcasmIsBliss Feb 14, 2016
Plz continue!! There is only a number of fanfics that are like yours and if you're not please delete the story. I mean if you already made the decision that you're not finishing, don't make people still think the book is still ongoing.
Child_of_Strength Child_of_Strength Sep 19, 2015
You are doing an amazing job with this story. It isn't somewhat following the original plot and you are making it your own.
ReiAki ReiAki Sep 03, 2015
Omg yassss!!! I love this story! Please continue to update it