Sex Slave ( Yn & Roc )

Sex Slave ( Yn & Roc )

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kaydynasty By kaydynasty Updated Jan 29, 2015

Y/n~ Hi I'm Yn I'm 5'2 , Brown skin , Big ass , Medium boobs . I'm in highschool. My parents are Nick Cannon and Mariah Carry. Big ass right? But any way , This is my first year in highschool at a different school. I'm nervous but I think I can handle it.

First day of school

Yn POV ~ First day and I'm already scared what people are going to think of me. I'm wearing a pink crop top , white booty shorts , and my white Jordan's. Leaving my hair curly with a pink bandana. I'm ready. I grabbed my book bag and headed down stairs.

POV over

Nick ~ Where the hell yhu think yhu going with them booty shorts on??

Mariah ~ Leave that girl alone, baby yhu look beautiful.

Yn ~ Thank yhu mom. 

Mariah ~ Yhu welcome sweetie. Yhu better get going school starts in a few and yhu don't wanna be late on yhur first day.

Yn ~ Ohkay, Bye mom, bye dad *gives them a tight hug goodbye*



Walking in school everybody staring is creepy. So I stop at the office to get my schedule

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Dayummm first day of school n this nigga catching feelings😂
mindlesslove2002 mindlesslove2002 Jul 14, 2016
No this definitely ain't me 1. Not on the first day 2. Will never be a hoe this is disgusting
queenslayslay queenslayslay Aug 12, 2016
Really on the first day of school just met this boy he could be a rapist and you wouldn't even know because you barely know him
jamyah100 jamyah100 Nov 08, 2016
Omg that's not me on the first how bout mouth or two sound good but not the first
qveenniya2001 qveenniya2001 May 31, 2016
She a hoe that's not me!!! NEVER! Tf..she fucks him on the first day there she making us females look bad as if Niggas can get sum from us and you just got there to the damn school😡😡
thug_thuggette thug_thuggette Sep 24, 2016
You don't know him you just him like 5 minutes ago wow that a thot move can I get a AMEN