Claimed Mine (Mine, #3)

Claimed Mine (Mine, #3)

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Kaleb Xavier-Jay King

Kaine - youngest son of Jazmine and King, twenty-one years old, and now part owner of his brother's tattoo shop.

Has never been in love, never even looked past a woman for more than one night and one thing... until he crosses paths with her.  Even if she is a few years older than him. 

Kaine was ready to face any drama their age difference may bring, but was she?


Book #3 of the Mine Series.

queenbea_7 queenbea_7 Jun 18
he triedddd it exposing all they bidness 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭
SweetNo9 SweetNo9 Sep 07
She a bad bih (bad bih) nd she eat ha rice w cabage, ha ass so fat he wanna grab iitt😝😝
_qxeen_ _qxeen_ Jul 02
this deadass making me mad cause my old dude's name was kaleb, and we had this 😩. too bad his racist ass daddy ended it 😕😕.
kiingkayy kiingkayy Jun 18
me af, I get horny af when I'm high..that's why I gotta be with my shorty
SweetNo9 SweetNo9 Sep 07
He literally the ONLY king that uses condoms on his woman. They be trynn trap they forever girls i swear😂
SweetNo9 SweetNo9 Sep 07
Girl u cant be taking that chain off like that. Dont you know that's like a damn wedding ring!