Slave boy and his mistress.

Slave boy and his mistress.

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cutei101 By cutei101 Updated May 28, 2015

The year is 4058  and vampires where discovered in 3000 but the Government got it under control they did many testing but to this day we don't no where they 
 came from.the human race was scared of the fact of them getting loos so to teach the vamps where there place is we treat them as slaves. Some cook some clean and others work out on fields but it's the law that you have to get a slave at 16 and it's yours so you can kill it if you want or you can beat it to death.   

Angel rose cart is forced to get a slave even when She thinks it's wrong but that's the price you have to pay to be a princes. Her parents are the king and Quinn aka the descendants of the people who started slavery and yes her parents love having slaves. 

Meet josh swear a obedient nice slave who happens to be the slave the princes picks. 
What will happen next? Read the roller coaster ride of the slave boy and his mistress!!

cutei101 cutei101 Jun 14, 2015
Aww thanks! Oh and I might do a new book just like this but with a couple things diffrent, and I think
                              It will be better then this! So I hope you read it! Thank you again!