Yes, Daddy // h.s

Yes, Daddy // h.s

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please don't comment crap on this story, I made it when I was very young and clueless. I understand it sucks and it's gross. 

"You're  nobody important, just a little girl to fill my sexual needs" Harry's sickening voice is adamant. Tears prick my eyes, but I've got to stay strong. There is no way he will see me cry. 

"So that's all I ever was to you? After everything we'd been through?" I take a deep breath and shut my eyes, wanting to erase all of our memories together. 

"Don't think of it as a one time thing." He says, grabbing his coat off of the couch, as well as throwing on his shoes. 

"What do you want me to think of it as then!?" I yell, a tear or two slipping down my pale cheeks. All this time we'd spent had to have meant something to him, it had too have. 

"Think of it like this Arabella, in my mind no strings were attached in our 'relationship', everything was more so.." He trails off opening the door ready to leave. 

"Well more so like first person who falls in love is the first person to be..." And with that I'm left to a shut door and a broken heart. 


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warning: self harm/rape content, read at your own risk.

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NoLongerAHoe NoLongerAHoe Jun 11, 2017
My friend was 16 with a 25 year old and now she's 17 with a 38 year old. Worst part is they're both her dad's best friends
LorenaDominguez2 LorenaDominguez2 Jun 25, 2017
Of course that's why this story has 5 million of viewers😑 lmao