I Ate Your Candy, Now What? (LJ x Reader) (Book 2) (COMPLETE)

I Ate Your Candy, Now What? (LJ x Reader) (Book 2) (COMPLETE)

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🎵 i'm back! 🎵 By TimTheTrashLord Completed

IMPORTANT: Sequel To Want Some Candy? (Laughing Jack x Reader) Read that book before you read this one!!!

You thought that Laughing Jack loved you...
He lied to you...
Now, with only one metallic arm, one friend, and some hope, you plan to find Laughing Jack.
And end his life...

Make sure to read book 3 in the Candy Series, "Sweet As Candy"!

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DarleneBums DarleneBums Jul 29
Anything is an it...IT is a clown....Laughing Jack's a clown.....ILLUMINATI CONFIRM
Nah I still love him I just dont like him cause he gone yandare
I HAD FLUSHED MY PHONE DOWN THE TOILET YOU BETTER LET ME GO! *makes phone that had been flushed magically appear in hand but its socked and it shocks me making me drop it* OW!
- - Nov 08, 2016
I'm like wait there is an elevator???????? LOL how did I not know that
diamondsbeez diamondsbeez Apr 08, 2016
Jane blushed? Please don't somehow turn this into a Jeff x Jane or else I'm dropping this book.
bleachdrinking bleachdrinking Jun 05, 2016
Can't you just cut off his dick? I mean he cut your arm off, so why not get him a replacement like my arm?