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He who breaks, must repair.
Or spend eternal life in despair.
No love, no place, 
No human face

Canines, claws and red eyes.
There is no time, for goodbyes.
He will hunt, he will howl.
Listen out for his growl.

Only one cure for the curse.
Perhaps she will only make it worse.
Her love and kindness.
Will shake the blindness.

Treasure, love and protect.
Hold no ounce of regret.
Under the full moon, his time will come.
Then you need to be the one.

This is a short novella, so I apologise if you feel it is rushed at any point.
This is inspired by Beauty and the Beast, so you will see some similarities.

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afirewolf2000 afirewolf2000 Jun 17, 2017
A man eating wolf so to solve the problem have a women go out since it is a man eating wolf not a female eating wolf
horseyninja horseyninja Jun 23, 2016
I get you girl. I have literally seen calves slide under fences on their sides, almost like something you would see in a cartoon or something.