The Alpha young mate

The Alpha young mate

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BitchImdre By ddrreeaaa Updated Nov 22, 2016

Thomas and his mates are badass werewolves. They run the pack together even though there's only him, Drew, Jason, Aaron, Hex, Adeline and 

Samantha. They find a baby girl on the shore by a rock with a bag and a mother in the water dead on the beach there usually hangout. The freaky 

things is that the baby is a werewolf and she is Thomas's mate but she won't find out till she turns 8 so he has to wait eight years because her 

birthday is the day they found her. Will they take the baby in and care for her? Or will give her to the hospital for adoption? The baby is 1years old but they think she is 10 months because she is so small.

  • action
  • adventure
  • friendship
  • heartbreak
  • love
  • mates
Mythical_Moonlily Mythical_Moonlily Jan 18, 2017
One question how can she talk at 1 year old or did I miss something??
ddrreeaaa ddrreeaaa Sep 27, 2015
She a wolf for a reason. Their more powerful and can do many things. So basically she can do whatever I write her to do. @TheGreatLuna2002
RaeRaeTaeTae RaeRaeTaeTae Aug 13, 2015
Its a good book but how can a 1 year old say that many words
viranyte viranyte Jul 06, 2015
on your description it says they think she's 12 months but she's actually a year...that's the same thing