Fell for an Otaku

Fell for an Otaku

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"Sometimes, God make people love each other but can't be together." 

A girl proud that she's an otaku , Lilian.
A beauty and smart in the first class.
Her mother died a few years ago and now she lives with her stepmother, Maria.
Do you know a mystery hidden behind her?

A devilishly handsome and the hottest guy in the school.Everyone admire him especially the girl in the school and teacher also like him very much.He fell in love with an unpopular otaku but yet also a beauty and smart too.He is Greg.

Do you want to know Lilian's secret?
Do you want to know how their relationship grow?


I seriously want to learn Japanese and Korean, but my school doesn't tech them
I want to know Japanese but my school doesn't teach that language
Aww. Don't worry, it's the thought that matters. And so far the story is GREAT. Gannbatte!! (^•^)
                              Eheheh I dont rly know any Japanese XD
Kurumi-dono Kurumi-dono Oct 30
Wow T^T I only know one language and everyone here is like "Im half greek Im half chinese Im half something" T^T
Ya... I hate it when peple disturb me when I'm reading manga or watching anime, xD
Me when i see a guy because...
                              I am lesbian!!!!!