Fell for an Otaku

Fell for an Otaku

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✕ 彼岸花 ✕ By -AeRa- Completed

"Sometimes, God make people love each other but can't be together." 

A girl proud that she's an otaku , Lilian.
A beauty and smart in the first class.
Her mother died a few years ago and now she lives with her stepmother, Maria.
Do you know a mystery hidden behind her?

A devilishly handsome and the hottest guy in the school.Everyone admire him especially the girl in the school and teacher also like him very much.He fell in love with an unpopular otaku but yet also a beauty and smart too.He is Greg.

Do you want to know Lilian's secret?
Do you want to know how their relationship grow?


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delphixx delphixx Aug 18, 2017
Cause anime boys are more handsome and sexy than u so called 'hot' boys
HarleyQuinnxPuddin HarleyQuinnxPuddin Apr 16, 2017
Does she mean 
                              "What kind of girl do u think I am?'
                              Or something else Cuz irdk
Sakura_blossom12 Sakura_blossom12 Dec 10, 2016
When I read this.
                              Me: Crush x reader...
                              Mind:*is thinking of him*
                              Me: OMG
                              Mind: I thank you author for fulfilling this little girls wishes.
                              Me: READY OR NOT HERE I COME MY LOVE!
Tachibana2Aoi Tachibana2Aoi Dec 18, 2016
I'm Thai and Malaysia and I'm trying HARD to learn Japanese and English!
liyelle liyelle Jan 16, 2017
Don't worry its the book that counts , words are just fill ups of your imaginations (✪▽✪)
Tachibana2Aoi Tachibana2Aoi Dec 18, 2016
I got interested by the intro but seeing this name kinda reminds me someone I know and he's not ordinary hahaha