Rebirth In Hunter X Hunter

Rebirth In Hunter X Hunter

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XNeesanX By AriaNeesan Updated Jun 30

A fifteen year old Kuroi Akuma had been an orphan eversince she was born. Her parents died due to an accident and she was being adopted by a rich family at the age of three.

The family that adopted her was abusing her, every day and night, every hour, minute and second. The mother would use a kitchen knife and started to carve words on Akuma's body, the father would beat her using a bat, a whip or maybe a belt, the brother would make her clean his room while the sister made her do the laundry.

They were a bunch of monsters and Akuma couldn't help but feel pain every single day. When they stopped beating her up during mid-night, she would clean her wounds and stayed at the corner of her room as she waited for the sun to raise up. Akuma couldn't sleep because she knew too well that her siblings would bring a dozen of bucket filled with cold water and poured it on her. So Akuma didn't sleep for nine years and had insomnia.

But then, her life changes...

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Normal people: that's impossible, you'd be dead already if you haven't slept for 9 years straight
                              Anime logic: SCREW YOU! I'M CHANGING ALL THE RULES!
                              Me: YASSS!!!! ANIME LOGIC!!!! But seriously tho, I wish the real world ran by anime logic, I'd me a magical girl by now XD
Suddenly I want to be adopted by a rich family and be left home alone while everyone else goes on a tip for a few days
This book is just giving logic the finger! And I'm right here with it!
How long is the family gone? If there gone for a few days then sleep now and run away in the morning but if there gonna be back in the morning get your lazy but up and get out while you still can!
There's one guy I know that has a little fashion sense, trust me his clothes still need a lot of work but he's the best I've seen so far
KiraMoon101 KiraMoon101 Oct 08
If you are awake for 72hours straight you mind will start to shut down while you walk giving you the idea that you are hallucinating and after that it will put you into a coma and only your brain once it has recharged with enough sleep for the amount only then shall you awake