Wolf Bitten - Vampire Cohorts Book 3

Wolf Bitten - Vampire Cohorts Book 3

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Angela McGurk By ALMcGurk Completed

For a millennium the only thing I'd had was my loyalty to Leof. My love for him was my only strength. I'd never willingly chosen to betray him, or our love, or his claim on me. What if giving in to Beorn, if giving away that last pure thing, was the only way I could protect the cohort? What would be left of Leof and I then? Of me?

We needed each other. Ishbel had said as much. I needed to protect him long enough for him to remember who he was and the power he should possess. Sending his cohort to war would hardly keep him safe, but what would it do to him if I were to pay the price required to ensure the safety of our people? Would he ever be able to forgive me? Would I ever be able to forgive myself?

I couldn't even be sure that paying the price would really save us. In making his abhorrent request Beorn had shown his hand. He wanted to hurt Conn. He wanted to hurt vampire kind. The wolves were circling and I had no idea what their end game was. Unfortunately they weren't our only enemies. Osier was still out there, Osgar was missing, and sometime, long ago, someone had betrayed the king of the gods. Which of our foes posed the biggest threat?

Long gone were the days of peace which my grandmother had struggled to allow me. I finally knew who I was, and along with all the trouble that brought it meant I had learned a simple truth about myself. I would do whatever was necessary to protect those I loved. If all else failed I'd willingly bear arms for them and march on whichever lair needed to be razed to ground.


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