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Externalizing [mxm]

Externalizing [mxm]

273K Reads 15.8K Votes 21 Part Story
Kyle By iThreat Completed

Marc is struggling to find his way after his wife left him and their daughter, Ariel. He has no idea how to raise a child alone, and starts to rely on Ariel's art teacher, Brendan Snowden. They become friends and Marc starts to open up about his inner demons.

Nanowrimo 2014

Abcdifjhigklmnopqrst Abcdifjhigklmnopqrst Aug 01, 2016
I cant understand the story.cause on first paragraph I can't identify the person
WhoAmI614 WhoAmI614 Nov 30, 2016
He literally just said he did some student teaching, meaning he has some experience with kids.
xXwasting_awayXx xXwasting_awayXx Feb 21, 2016
I just now noticed I commented exactly a month after you ^.^ lol
Armistice2 Armistice2 Jan 10
True. The problem with art and music programs in school is that they're graded so harshly that people are missing the point of the class: to be expressive and imaginative. Art is not meant to be judged, but to be observed and appreciated, because a lot of work went into it.
panicsexual panicsexual Feb 05
my brother in 2nd grade complains about his homework every damn day
XPerfectDistraction XPerfectDistraction Jul 17, 2016
I love how you started; simple but effective and not over dramatized . Well written too.