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Kina Rose By KinaWrites Completed

There are many types of addictions. For instance, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sex, the internet, shopping, food and the list goes on. Each one of these addictive behaviors are very different, but they're all used to get the same result; to momentarily take the pain away. 

Sex addiction was his. Love was hers.

After 23 year old psychology student, Alice Greene, and 26 year old wealthy CEO, Hayden Stymest, almost hook up one night after meeting in a bar, Hayden goes out of his way to get Alice in bed. His plans change once he discovers her chastity and slowly but surely finding his feelings for her in ways he never thought possible. Alice, despite Hayden's avoidance to speak of his past and the warnings of her best friend, she falls for Hayden as well. Alice soon discovers the dark secrets of Hayden's past, but she was already in too deep. 

"We're all addicted to something that takes the pain away."

[Book 1 in Addiction Series]


  • addict
  • addiction
  • controlling
  • drama
  • firstlove
  • insatiable
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  • love
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  • newadult
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judging by the description of the book you're about to be taught a lesson
BeaB1020 BeaB1020 Sep 15, 2017
Can't wait for the next chapter.  Maybe he will developed a conscious?
Damn and I thought my nightmares were bad. In case you're wondering in my nightmares people take my food away and eat it in front of me.
- - Sep 25, 2015
Exactly... He seems like a jerk, no offense. This seems interesting though, lol.
miszDanni miszDanni Aug 31, 2015
Wtf that was dark as hell!!! Scary I almost peed myself!! O_o