Prince Charming || A.I

Prince Charming || A.I

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Rosalie was a sweet little 10 year old girl who everyone loved, she was beautiful, and kind hearted her parents Seth and Emily were well known around the village her father works as a guard up at the castle and her mother stays at home with her little daughter. They loved spending time together they were the happy family that everyone loved but 2 years later Rosalie's mother died from illness. Rosalie was heartbroken for months she was a 12 year old girl without her mum for the rest of her life. Rosalie was in her room looking outside the window looking at the castle when she heard a knock on the door she turned around seeing her father walking in, she gave him a small smile.

"Honey, are you okay"? He asked taking a seat near the window with his daughter

"Yeah I'm fine, I just miss mum a lot" Her father nodded giving her a small smile as well, he wanted to cheer his daughter up but how can he when his sad as well? All he could do was be strong.

"Well always remember darling she's al...

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Kidrauhlschik Kidrauhlschik Jul 08, 2016
Idk why but Im going to picture them as Ariana grande And Abigail Breslin
uratoad uratoad Apr 19, 2016
Maaaannnn i would've taken that food like gurl u never pass up free food
AraneavV AraneavV Sep 06, 2015
Is it weird that everytime I read Elsa I think of Queen Elsa in Frozen, before she turned into this awesome Ice Queen happy go long girl?
sam28638 sam28638 May 28, 2015
The book it's really pretty good but the lack of commas is killing me here
victoriaoreo victoriaoreo Apr 12, 2015
So I imagined Ashton in assassins creed cause he was wearing a cloak with a hood. So now I'm tryin to picture ashton in assassins creed brother hood
TyMarie17 TyMarie17 Apr 07, 2015
I know a Seth and Emily, Seth hates Emily, I don't know how Emily feels about Seth