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Don't Cry (NaLu) (Fairy Tail High)

Don't Cry (NaLu) (Fairy Tail High)

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Panda_and_NaLu_lover By pandanalusan Updated Jul 06, 2015

I'm Lucy Heartfillia. I am bullied as a teen. By everyone at school. When I transfered to Fairy Tail High, my bullies were still there. But not too many. Nastu, Erza, Juvia, Gray, Levy, Gajeel, and Wendy are very nice to me. But since the bullies from this school and my last school still continue to hurt me, I've hurt myself. Since my mom is dead, I'm also abused by my dad. I always hide my injuries. But one day, Natsu finds them all. Every single cut down to the bruises. He wants to protect me, never see me cry again. He can't change it. Lisanna, always there to harm me. She even physically hurts me, just because I'm ugly, a nerd, friends with her friends. I believe all her words. I almost killed myself. Natsu was there to save me. He cries for me. Maybe, I was to live for him, my friends, and even my dad, even though he's dead. I can't hurt him. Maybe, I shouldn't just let myself get hurt. So, he doesn't cry. My friends don't cry. I don't cry. I hate to see crying. Don't cry.

Wtf... Boi!!! I'd fudging report that! What the #ell? She's innocent i tell you!, innocent!!!!
UHH WHY DONT YOU WATCH WHERE YOUTE GOING YOU BITCH LISANNA (I don't personally hate her but ya know )
I'm listening to love on top by Beyonce and I'm think of all the NALU momentsssss😍😍😍😍
I don't think Author-Sama likes Lisanna very much, and truth be told neither do I, I wish she'd just stay dead
Wow toilet paper.... so you automatically went there.... okay.
If that was her birthday present than its a good thing she got it