The Billionaire Games

The Billionaire Games

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MaybeManhattan By MaybeManhattan Updated Mar 19

Amelia Scott travels to Rome, Italy for the summer to stay with distant family. Along the way, she meets an Italian billionaire who doesn't have any amount of patience or self-control. 

Karter Tate is a world-renown businessman without an ounce of respect for the competitor. He built his economical empire and earns millions from it. When he goes to a fellow businessmen's house for dinner; he meets Amelia...  

After learning Amelia has a piece of stock in Karter's company, she plans on running with it and the money it will provide; but Karter has different plans.  

The only way to keep his paycheck at a steady nine digits would be to keep the stock the feisty American owns and the only way to do that would be to keep the girl herself...

Wait... "Potato vines" ?? Potato?? Vines?? Im learning so much 😬
Married with a newborn baby?!?! Isn't  that illegal ?😂😂 lmao
kadochi kadochi Apr 22
Oh my goodness​ my grandfather used to make the most amazing homemade ricotta it was literally the best
JenAltieri JenAltieri Apr 28
I could picture that room so perfectly, and even without a picture itself, I want that room
C41T_L1N C41T_L1N Jul 06
What's new with KUWTK? They finally have found their long lost brother Karter!
mimi_amelia mimi_amelia Sep 12
Literally I'm only reading this cause her names Amelia and so is mine but yeah