Silent tears (dipper x reader

Silent tears (dipper x reader

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It's been a couple years, and now dipper and Mable are now sixteen. life in gravity falls is the same as always, crazy. But dipper and mable meet two new people that will make there life a little more exciting.

I do NOT own gravity falls or any of the characters. There are only a couple fan made characters that I made to be in this fan fic

Ps I did not make the pic

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Wait.. I just thought what if Y/N is bills kid. Or it can be BillDip but still.
THATS ACTUALLY MY MUM ....but my dad is black 6'6 and has a mowhecan (I can't spell) and he can surprisingly pull it off
Everyone here is giving out there height and I'm just like "wait I reach up until his chin. Well DAMN how do we kiss like he has to bend down and I have to like go on my tippy toes"
YO MY SLEEP SCHEDULE IS ACTUALLY J A C K E D U P BRUH, I be sleep till 4:00 pm bruh no joke
But I ship Wendy and dipper so bad..
                              Ahh fuckk it. Kipper is a better ship. 
                              Wait no Dippie