His possession -completed- (watty awards! PLEASE VOTE!)

His possession -completed- (watty awards! PLEASE VOTE!)

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Lilly Anderson just graduated high school and is ready to love her life, until she runs away from her abusive father. While running she stumbles upon Derek  Martin.

Derek Martin is a strong and powerful alpha who runs into Lilly Anderson and fragile human who runs from her father. 

There's something special between the two of them. Once he has Lilly he won't let her go. since he's an alpha he's very protective over her, and he doesn't plan in letting her go.


shai1046 shai1046 Apr 24
I would force him to answer me tbh bcos I would've been so scared 😂
Ok seriously people we're only one chapter in and almost half of you are saying you hate him or we should kill him. Bruh its been one fricken chapter, you never learn everything about a character from one chapter so why are you hating?!? Dear lord find something more useful to do with your time
Can Wolfs really have blue like that. I'm mean bright blue neon looking blue eyes
MGrayMurphy MGrayMurphy Jul 29
I would've been like "LISTEN TO ME, GODDAMNIT. There was a wolf and it turned into a guy. Elaborate."
bugabooblove1 bugabooblove1 Jun 07, 2015
Holy fricity frack that was good. Whenever I try doing a male pov it's pretty sucky to be honest
x_DayDreamer19_x x_DayDreamer19_x Dec 20, 2014
Well first off there was a lot of spelling and grammar errors. And second I like the new stuff you added. Just saying. XD