Stein X Reader

Stein X Reader

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Sollexus Captor By SmexyStein Updated May 24

I awoke in the woods with two people in front of me. One had white hair and red eyes. The other had green eyes and dirty blonde pigtails. Suddenly there faces change to horrid monsters. I began to scream at them only for it to go black.

My dreams weren't exactly the best. I had a dream of a girl running from a man with white raps and a scarf. He was floating behind the girl. She had H/C hair with white eye like shapes. Then her fear filled eye was E/C.

My eyes slammed open. I wasn't in the forest but I had no clothes. I didn't notice though. I was too busy with were I was and who I am. When I looked up I saw a man with silver hair, a screw in his, wearing a lab coat and stitches.

"Good morning." His voice was low but gentle. He rolled forward in his chair which he was sitting in backwards. I examined the man rolling towards me.

"What's your name?" He raised a brow then blew smoke, from his cigarette, in my face. I coughed then swatted it away. I opened my mouth to say something but...

Hey everyone likes a nice tit at times. Being lesbian I like it more
PuffinsKey PuffinsKey Jun 22
Jesus I'm only a B cup what is this F cup woman who's supposed to be reader-sempai. 
                              "Ever so slightly" she says....
Shia-Gunner Shia-Gunner Jul 11
Well sh!t I can't stop dam laughing. Why is this so dam funny? .___.
franjandar franjandar Jun 18
DAMNIT IM A WITCH! BURN ME WITH FIRE!.....and also burn Jacob Satorios (don't know how to spell his last name), Twilight and Boku no Pico....Just to be safe...
ChibiKashi ChibiKashi Aug 29, 2015
My gosh. Stein, of all people, GETTING A NOSE BLEED?!?! Yea right.
lolofoxy1997 lolofoxy1997 Mar 25, 2015
i have that problem it a lot uhhhhhhh why cldnt I be a B cup why!!!!