The Billion Dollar Heir [#1]

The Billion Dollar Heir [#1]

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"Pregnant," he said, the word rolling off his tongue.

"Yes, Mr. Devereux, I am pregnant with your child." She casted her eyes down at her nails to avoid his intense hazel eyes. "Anyway, you don't even remember me. I just thought you should know. Goodbye."

Oh, yes, he remembered this one. She had been a challenge, and when he finally stumbled into bed with her, he didn't ever want to stop his deep thrusting or the desperate movements of her hands in his hair, pulling him closer until they came together.

"Olivia," he said, drawing out her name the same way he did the night of their passionate love making. "I want my child. Give me proof it's mine so I can take this predicament off your hands."

She laughed at the insensitive man. "How dare you have the nerve to call my child a predicament? There is nothing unpleasant about the blood I carry. Goodbye, Mr. Devereux, and I hope you rot in hell."

                              HOW Y'ALL ALREADY SHIPPING THEM?!?! 😂😂😂😂😂
                              I like this guy tho
PurpleSparks1214 PurpleSparks1214 Oct 16, 2016
I don't get why she's mad?
                              If my one night stand turn out to be rich and willing to take care of my baby and marry me. I would very happy because he want the baby and me.
                              Correct me if I'm wrong
yaya1977 yaya1977 Jan 10
Umm how is she better off based on your research if you just said that there is nothing on the parents so how?
sunshinefullofpocket sunshinefullofpocket Oct 27, 2016
Wait..... He thinks of her as a sister and loves her or he romantically loves her??
circumlocutious circumlocutious Nov 09, 2016
I'd be like, "Oh my god! Stfu!!!! *to the tune of 'Anaconda'*"
I am in class and can't react how I normally do but if I was able to I would be saying bitch continuously and probably laughing at him