Bullied by 5sos

Bullied by 5sos

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KenzieMc176 By KenzieMc176 Updated Jun 18, 2015

Madies P.O.V

"Watch it nerd" 

Yup thats me. The nerd. But I'm not the only the nerd. See we have what we like to think as a nerd clique. It's Me, my best friend Kenzie, Olivia, and Bradley who just so happens to be gay. The whole school doesn't like us. Especially 4 guys. They call them selves 5sos. Their clique consists of: 

Luke- A blonde sexy rebel who I may or may not have a crush on. 

Michael- who picks on Kenzie the most, and who always has a different colour of hair, this time its red. Kenzie is terrified of Michael. 

Aston- who targets Olivia and had crazy hair

Calum- Who has dark brown hair, and targets Bradley. 

These guys have picked on us since grade 9, and now we are in grade 11. But hey, it can't get worse.


"Watch it nerd" says Luke who bumps me in the hallway. 

I mumble "sorry" 

"What was that?" He questions inches from my face. 

"She said sorry" kenzie pipes up. 

"Listen here, the only reason your talking is because Michael isn't here, wait till he...

CalumHood175737 CalumHood175737 Jun 18, 2017
Watch person who can't think of a better insult then nerd honestly are.you in like second grade like fight me bitch
Why are you running why are you running 
                              No one understand 
                              It’s a vine 
_calshood _calshood Sep 29, 2017
Good description but 
                              Luke couldn't 'rebel' his way out of a paper bag
                              He's a mommas boy
                              Always has been and 
                              Hopefully always will be
Lashtongoalsaf Lashtongoalsaf Aug 11, 2016
Why am i listening to She will be loved but the Luke and Aleisha version whilst reading this?
DuckyDemFanfics DuckyDemFanfics Oct 07, 2016
I will twist your arm in 20 different ways and yes I know how to
Sophie_kean_xx Sophie_kean_xx Sep 11, 2016
I'm sorry but my brother does this too me all the time and it hurts as hell