Trip to France - Troyler

Trip to France - Troyler

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Jenna By StarryFeels Completed

"You know what you said before? That you love me to the end of the Universe and back?"
"The Universe has no end."

When Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley go to France with some friends, things they never expected to happen, happen. Sparks fly, feelings change, hearts get broken and mended. Join them on a trip that will change their lives, forever.

(This story gets better as it goes along, but please bear in mind that it's my first ever fanfic and probably isn't that good)

This fanfic will contain anxiety, but NO self-harm, suicide attempts or bulimia/anorexia. (Or smut for that matter.)


  • france
  • gay
  • otp
  • romance
  • troyesivan
  • troyler
  • tyleroakley
  • youtube
kawaiikitty0818 kawaiikitty0818 Jul 17, 2017
Same! Literally my entire life! Besides music and Nutella! YouTube, music, Books, and Nutella!
NaomiJiselle NaomiJiselle Aug 18, 2017
Tyler ~ " DO YOU WANNA GO TO FRANCE TROYEEEEE!!! OR JUST GO MAKE OUT IN MY ROOOOOOOOOM!!!!!" (sings to the rhythm of snowman from frozen)
consellation-phan consellation-phan May 14, 2017
Don't doubt yourself, I'm sure it's amazing and I haven't even read it yet. Even if it's not, how else would be become better at writing if you don't write so keep going! ( Although, if you wrote this for pity I will be soooo mad. I hate it when people do that)
_living_my_life_ _living_my_life_ Jun 13, 2016
Is a blurb like the description? If so, I like that word so much better 😂 Blurb (Also, sorry in advance for my constant use of emojis)
Sappearing Sappearing Dec 18, 2016
Expected, very expected, now go have fun irl please.... PLEASE I NEED TO SEE IT HAPPEN!!
YurioIsBean YurioIsBean Jul 20, 2016
This is Normal....That's how me and my girlfriend,Margo started dating