Werewolf Cinderella

Werewolf Cinderella

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vic By wildstripes Updated Aug 30, 2016

❝Even fairytales can be complicated.❞

          After her father was murdered right in front of her eyes, Krissa Ryder wasn't clear on what to do. She wasn't Cinderella - she didn't have a prince to sweep her off her feet away from the troubles that followed that cursed night, and she didn't have the confidence to say everything was alright. Instead, she had a mate she wasn't sure she even wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and that feeling was mutual. So what did she do? Along with a brother who held a grudge against her and a war that was beginning to brew among an elite pack, she must search for a way to fall - or not fall - for her destined love.


Cover by @freespace
Highest Ranking: #3 in Werewolf
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essopsa essopsa Jun 20, 2016
Why isn't the latest update appearing even àfter I have reloaded
bonbonsandbooks bonbonsandbooks Jan 29, 2016
I'm sorry that happened to you it happened to me last year Wattpad removed the copy it still upset me
Vanquished_Sailor Vanquished_Sailor Feb 14, 2016
Do u still have it. If so can you publish it. I started to read it and then you unpublished it. I would really like to finish it.
silverdawn13 silverdawn13 Mar 15, 2016
a pencil and turtles-the greatest weapons of all time.
                              *squeaky voice* dont kill me plz!
Fan_girl_life4ever Fan_girl_life4ever Jan 25, 2016
I haven't done any of this but you said that we can't use any text or dialogue but this app has the option where you can use a quote and add pictures for the background. Is it ok if anyone does that?
                              Btw, I love the book and it's freaking awesome!
cantlivewithoutcoffe cantlivewithoutcoffe Jan 24, 2016
"My book isn't even that good" what the hell are you talking about tell that to all the people who love it, myself included