The super eight:High school life

The super eight:High school life

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Jelsa_love_forever_ By Jelsa_love_forever_ Updated Nov 23, 2017

Elsa and Anna Arrendale's parents have died in a plane crash so now Anna and elsa are moving in with their aunt and uncle. They meet their cousin Rapunzel corona and her friends. There's Jack Frost,Merida Dunnbroch,hiccup haddock,Flynn Ryder,and Kristoff Beurgman. They all become friends and have a crazy time in high school. They go on trips. Find love. Have heartbreaks. Make enemies and make friends and meet old ones. It's all just a crazy time. but with friends by their side they'll have the time of their life.

**^*Yes. There will be jelsa in this story. There will also be Flynnunzel, Kristanna, and merricup. 

Don't hate on this story or the ships****

Please read!!

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CR_Moon CR_Moon Apr 17, 2017
I think i have secret ice powers because I don't get cold; my reasoning for this because my mum was wearing a winter coat and I was wearing a tank top and shorts
SoulTerrorist SoulTerrorist 6 days ago
sounds like me. The getting cold part. everything else is almost exactly the opposite
analeewolf analeewolf Jun 14, 2017
I am sooo jealous of how much chocolate they get now I want chocolate
evifriendly evifriendly Sep 22, 2016
They should've lived in like Alaska or Greenland or something
evifriendly evifriendly Sep 22, 2016
But what about before he was Jack Frost when he was Jack overland or whatever before he saves his sister
GarbageyGarbage GarbageyGarbage Apr 01, 2016
I love the colors ( especially my fav. color, blue) but I would never be able to live with the same color everywhere.. But I wouldn't want it too colorful, maybe add a little gold and pink to punzies room!!