Rescuing Percy (Lesbian stories): Rehabilitating Percy Sequel

Rescuing Percy (Lesbian stories): Rehabilitating Percy Sequel

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TJ Williams By ToyaJustina Completed

"Max felt like she was suffocating in Percy's blazing gaze. There was something hot and heavy sitting behind her ribcage, licking at her bones. She felt closer to Percy and yet simultaneously distant."

{The sequel to Rehabilitating Percy}


All Maxine wanted was a fresh start; new job, new apartment, new car, 
More like old love. She didn't expect to walk right into the one person she thought she'd never see again: Persephone De La Cruz. Almost unrecognisable, Percy is living the high life...and she doesn't need Maxine to tarnish it. But as they struggle to knit their ancient friendship together over the scars of the past, something ticks away right under Percy's nose and it's only a matter of time before it goes boom.

Is it Max's turn to rescue Percy this time?

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Alexcas28 Alexcas28 Dec 03, 2014
Eta It's too much nice guy and all but they Love each other so what is going to happen????!?!!!! Can't wait!!! Thank you for writing for us even if you are so busy to still take time to make us happy and updating thank you so much really
novelobsessed novelobsessed Nov 28, 2014
ooooomyyyyygoddddd!!! u made her straight!!!.oooo cant wait 2 read wat u hv planned nxt u r crazy good
bethanylaurenx bethanylaurenx Nov 26, 2014
Omg she's straight now i love it already! I hope they fall in love all over again
USMC0904 USMC0904 Nov 26, 2014
Wow! I can't wait for the story to play out. I look forward to reading it.