We Can Run, Or We Can Die [Frerard]

We Can Run, Or We Can Die [Frerard]

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It's 2018 and people think that the apocalypse has ended. Where cities, homes, businesses and humble towns once stood, now there lies only death, only destruction, only emptiness. Only the moans and the shuffles of the living dead. But in reality, it's only just begun.

And for two lonely boys, once separated from each other by dead-town states and not even aware of each other's existence, it's far from being over.

It's not about saving the world. It's about saving themselves.


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That sounds uncomfortable as heck, we all know he wears skinny jeans and sleeping in clothes is very uncomfortable
B B BE CAREFUL MAKING WISHES IN THE *DUMM* *DUMM*...oh wait this comment was made a hundred times before... DARK DARK
We're all gonna end up alone.
                              I'll leave with my depressing thoughts
likabt likabt 5 days ago
I love how everyone is saying me and I'm like I don't have a job