Through the Pain (Sequel to Through the Anger)

Through the Pain (Sequel to Through the Anger)

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Mickey enters her last chapter of the trials and it could possibly her most toughest one yet. There may not be any deadly creatures, or dangerous Grievers, but something more deadly and life-threatening has inflicted on her. The effects of the Flare. 

The whole series:
The Maze Runner prequel :

The Scorch Trials prequel : 

My own sequel (After Death Cure in Paradise):

chloetherat chloetherat Nov 05, 2015
I expected them to like have a mini make-out session, huh awkward
newtellaaaaa newtellaaaaa Jul 03, 2015
I think i just had 500 orgasms bc of newt in black skinny jeans
newtsmas newtsmas May 25, 2015
I would miss Minhoe sassy self too. Dang it now I want Minhoe as my best friend. Ugh
newtsmas newtsmas May 25, 2015
Me:Ratman...Ratman oh we're not doing that. *looks away awkwardly*
                              Newt:I bloody loved it.
                              Me: I love you. *mumbles*
i_hid_dah_bodies_ i_hid_dah_bodies_ Dec 27, 2014
Lol isn't that like incesst because he had feelings for her in book one