Adopted by  kian lawley

Adopted by kian lawley

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lauren_235 By lauren_235 Completed

Hi there ! My names Delilah . Ummm so what can I say I have been living in an orphanage since I was about 9 I'm 15 now . I was there because of my dad he was abusive because my mom died and he was depressed . So I got put in a orphanage what happens when I get adopted by someone named kian lawley

Ricky got the tank top with no sleeves
                              Conner like " more tumblr please "
                              And omg Kian can I get ur number please?
                              Sam Pottoff what it do?
                              Trevor's all like Ahhhh Wooo 
                              And I think that's everyone there and
                              JC STILL FROM TEXAS. " ye ha am I right?"
Damnnnnnn Delilahhhh! Back at it again with the white vans!!
xaikeoo xaikeoo Mar 08
Ricky got the tank top with no sleeves... Connors just like more Tumblr please...
cakee-96 cakee-96 Feb 14
"Hey there Delilah" was I the only one that sung that in my head
"I threw on my ripped skinny jeans thats the only pair i had and a crop top with the words killin it written on the front. I three on my vans and a beanie..." but yet shes an orphan...
lauren_235 lauren_235 Dec 30, 2014
Haha I was listening to that song when I thought of the name lol @mag2lsos