Kidnap (Xiumin EXO)

Kidnap (Xiumin EXO)

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My life sucks. Inherited Jung's business because I'm the only heir, like in the dramas; the rich girl. How typical. My family wasn't that great too. Father constantly kept working and somehow, I felt abandoned. I didn't prefer that kind of life. It was suffocating. I wanted to run away so bad. 

And, my wish came true. 

By a twist of fate, the man I met in the event kidnapped me. It was such unforgettable moment; I was drowned in fear. He took me somewhere far and I lived with him for the moment. He told me my Father paid him to kidnap me because there were killers hunting me. 

But, is that true? 

I never felt so happy meeting someone. My heartbeat never pulse up so fast because of a guy. He never failed to impress me and he was one of the kind guy. 

Yet, like people said, 'Reality is cruel,' 

"Kill me," 

*     *     *     *     *

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YESSS SEUNGRI IS MY DAD YESSSS.  Good thing it's not my bias TOP or that would be awkward
                              Xiu: *does it* 
                              Me: He did it. .____.
CorraBVB CorraBVB Aug 02
Witch Kim? Cause there are so many Kim's in K-pop world,that I endup thanking the scene names for existing
minroodsuga minroodsuga Jun 18
That sad moment when you had long af hair and decided to cut it off. Reading fics isn't the same anymore 😂
Dudeeeeee.  I used to have hair that long.....  Until I cut it all off.  Now I have hair to the top of my shoulders
kimseoyeon kimseoyeon Aug 05
I wish seungri was my dad thrn he can sing me to bed with big bangs song my dad can't sing at all