Sakura Momochi Hatake || Naruto

Sakura Momochi Hatake || Naruto

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2nd Book: Sakura Momochi Hatake II

Sakura,the daughter of Zabuza Momochi. Originally from Hidden of the Mist. Zabuza met Haku on a bridge and kept him. One day,Zabuza left Sakura alone because she was too soft hearted. She couldn't kill. Alone in the village full of rogue ninjas,she was captured.

Fortunately,the copy ninja named Kakashi Hatake had a solo mission nearby and saved her. Soon,he brought her to his village which is Hidden in the Leaf. He took responsibility on her and their bond grew stronger.

What if she saw her father again? And Haku? What will happen? Do she really mean nothing to her father?

That is not all. Sakura has a brother which left to unleash his full potential. He even changed his last name. Who is her brother? Will they meet again? Will they have to kill each other?

Will the death of her family be in her hands?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters. I only own the plot and some random jutsus.

PandoraAuburn PandoraAuburn Dec 18, 2016
Why am I just finding this out? Where have I been? Anyway these books were really great I can't wait for the finished product 😁👍
realsakvra realsakvra Nov 24, 2016
Sounds interesting can't wait I really like this story 💕💕