The First Queen (Currently Being Updated)

The First Queen (Currently Being Updated)

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Alexis Breanna Merheb By Alexis_the_Greatest Completed

Queen Eleanor of Alendar. Daughter of King Richard the Wise, and the first female ruler in the Alagorian line.

Respected for her skills as a politician, a commander, and a mother to her people.

Years of being prepared to ascend to the throne of kings along with her tenure of nearly three years could not prepare her for a threat that was assembling far beyond the Western Sea.

A threat that looms so far yet came from so close to home. 

Aid is called for from a former enemy nation. Ideas clash and tensions brew. Will two young rulers be able to put their differences aside and join forces against this common enemy?

  • brother
  • family
  • king
  • peace
  • queen
  • sister
  • war
Mya2016 Mya2016 Nov 10, 2016
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princesssieanna07 princesssieanna07 May 30, 2016
I love it and I enjoyed reading this. Thumbs up to the writer, you did a good job.
Alexis_the_Greatest Alexis_the_Greatest Sep 15, 2015
A queen consort serves to be more of a advisors, if you will, to her husband the king. A queen however means there is no man higher than her. All authority comes from her, and that is not the case for a queen consort.
Untroubledsoul Untroubledsoul Sep 15, 2015
What is the difference from Princess Royal from other princess?
Remnae Remnae Jul 08, 2015
Interesting start - definitely made me curious as to what happened.
ErrantHeart ErrantHeart May 04, 2015
Wow! That was such a hooking prologue. I can't wait to read the rest of the book x