The First Queen (Currently Being Updated)

The First Queen (Currently Being Updated)

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Alexis Breanna Merheb By Alexis_the_Greatest Completed

Queen Eleanor of Alendar. Daughter of King Richard the Wise, and the first female ruler in the Alagorian line.

Respected for her skills as a politician, a commander, and a mother to her people.

Years of being prepared to ascend to the throne of kings along with her tenure of nearly three years could not prepare her for a threat that was assembling far beyond the Western Sea.

A threat that looms so far yet came from so close to home. 

Aid is called for from a former enemy nation. Ideas clash and tensions brew. Will two young rulers be able to put their differences aside and join forces against this common enemy?

Mya2016 Mya2016 Nov 10, 2016
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princesssieanna07 princesssieanna07 May 30, 2016
I love it and I enjoyed reading this. Thumbs up to the writer, you did a good job.
Alexis_the_Greatest Alexis_the_Greatest Sep 15, 2015
A queen consort serves to be more of a advisors, if you will, to her husband the king. A queen however means there is no man higher than her. All authority comes from her, and that is not the case for a queen consort.
Untroubledsoul Untroubledsoul Sep 15, 2015
What is the difference from Princess Royal from other princess?
Remnae Remnae Jul 08, 2015
Interesting start - definitely made me curious as to what happened.
ErrantHeart ErrantHeart May 04, 2015
Wow! That was such a hooking prologue. I can't wait to read the rest of the book x