Rejected, pregnant and a second chance mate

Rejected, pregnant and a second chance mate

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crazyashley14 By crazyashley14 Updated Nov 07, 2015

If you are someone who likes good punctuation then don't read my story. But if you don't care then please read my story

Meet Ashley Lilith. She is abused, bullied and made fun of by her pack members. She has to do all the chores around the pack house. Did I forget to mention she's a werewolf and the powerful Golden wolf but she doesn't know it. She refuses to get attached to people afraid they'll all betray her. She is forced to make her own money since she was 10 years old. She was 17 years old when she meet her mate Zander Finn the Alpha of the Blood Pack who is also the biggest player and man whore in her pack and school. When Zander meets Ashley his wolf takes over and mates with her. When Zander gets control back he rejects Ashley. He then marks the packs biggest slut Jade. Ashley runs away and stumbles upon the worlds strongest pack the White Moon pack. She meets Adonis Wulf her second chance mate. Will Adonis reject her when he finds out she's pregnant?

Should I write this?

TammyOtaku20 TammyOtaku20 Jul 03, 2016
What are some people on about? This book is amazing! By the way is star supposed to be another side of Her
- - Dec 28, 2015
No one knows how those 6 words actually hurt until someone says it to them
SiriuslyPink SiriuslyPink Aug 29, 2015
Now I can understand your warning. 
                              All you really need is spaces though.
Loteea Loteea Apr 28, 2015
what the heck kind of kitchen so you need to be able to successfully make all of that... or did she wake up at 4am.?
RobynDevos RobynDevos Feb 17, 2015
I'm actually enjoying this story. keep at it. it only gets better with more pratice and time. :)
QuietMasquerade QuietMasquerade Feb 01, 2015
Some things just don't make sense to me. I would punch true alpha in his face. :@