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Rejected with his baby

Rejected with his baby

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demon//child By demonsinwonderland Completed

The pain was too intense.
I had no one.
 My mother died in a fire.
Father couldn't stand seeing how much I looked like my mother.
My father still believed my mother was alive a hiding, and never met anyone.

I was slowly dying inside.
My pack was in a war.
Fighting against the most toughest, harsh, and rough pack known in North and South America.
When the alpha turns out to be my mate I'm not concerned about, by him.


There's an inferno burning me inside and out.
My pack was slowly breaking down,brick by brick.
I tried to make excuses for why he did that to me
But when he rejected me, I left, with a burden.


The passion of hurt started from the balls of my feet and ran upward.
I was lost.
Pain was an understatement.
I would have died.
We would have died.
If the pack attacking my old pack hadn't kidnapped me.
If then I wouldn't have found my second chance mate.


Follow the life of Bethany.
And see how it plays out.

maoriNZ maoriNZ Jan 24
Ewww with the gag over ur mouth I would say u threw up in ur mouth, wouldn't u gag on ur own vomit???
PsycoSauce PsycoSauce Sep 10, 2016
That's just weird; I have a friend named Reed and this just doesn't bode well with me lol
KaylahStephenson KaylahStephenson Aug 06, 2016
Tbh I'd be like put me down before I puke on ur back like a baby 👀
maoriNZ maoriNZ Jan 24
Wow liquor stores come equipped with pregnancy test now? That's a new development maybe its for those drunken one nighters lolz
onepiece123456 onepiece123456 Jan 12, 2016
I just noticed that this is a GxB 
                              Story. THIS WHOLE TIME I THOUGHT IT WAS A BXB STORY.
                              bye everyone*waves hand goodbye*
onepiece123456 onepiece123456 Jan 12, 2016
You dint need a man in your life 
                              They just keep you down 
                              And they won't let you get back up or walk at that matter 
                              (If you know what I mean);)