The Wolf Pit

The Wolf Pit

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Dorothy Hearst By DorothyHearst Completed

SPOILER ALERT:  This story contains spoilers for "Promise of the Wolves" and "Secrets of the Wolves."

At the end of "Secrets of the Wolves," Kaala finds herself injured and alone, trapped in a pit at the edge of a village of humans who consider her a killer. If she doesn't get out, she'll die and she will fail in fulfilling her promise to bring wolf and humankind together.  

One day, in the time before time, a pack of wolves took pity on a tribe of starving humans, teaching them better ways to track prey and to hunt. The humans thrived, then used what they had learned from the wolves to kill everything they could find.  And so the Ancients (Sun, Moon, Earth and Grandmother Sky) told the wolves that it was time to end both wolf and humankind.  The wolf Indru begged for forgiveness, speaking with such eloquence that the Ancients, who loved their creatures, relented. They gave Indru one chance to control the wayward humans.
	Time and again, wolves tried and failed, and the humans were growing stronger. Soon, it would be too late to have any hope of containing their destructiveness.
	It fell to a youngwolf named Kaala to succeed where her ancestors had failed, for she loved a human child as much as she loved her own pack.  Yet once again, wolf and humankind were on the edge of war, and young Kaala found herself with one last, desperate chance to fulfill the wolves’ promise.

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