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Never Again

Never Again

171K Reads 6.9K Votes 44 Part Story
lizz By XxLiz01xX Completed

Not everyone is a fan of murder but what is there to do when you are blamed to cause them? Not one but two? For Jenna she was the reason why her parents were brutally killed. But did it matter? It was her fault and from then on labeled as a murderer. Was there even a mate for someone like her? Yes. But did he love her? No. With her tail between her legs, she runs off and tries to find herself. She runs into a powerful pack and once she realizes she is meant to be there, does she stay there forever or go back to her mate?
Add 4 hot guys, a depressed brother, a slut queen, and an Alpha and you have yourself Jenna's life.
 © 2014, XxLiz01xX. All rights reserved.
~ Cover made by TimTam121 ~
Shout out to TimTam121 who is truly the best :)
Please know that this was wrote a long long time ago and there are multiple errors. This is unedited.

lote95 lote95 May 21
Why are the rejected always going back to their pathetic seriously why? Are females so weak willed that they cannot choose a mate for themselves 😠😠😠
trinkrazo trinkrazo Mar 18
If you think this book is so bad why leave it up?  Why not edit it?  Why belittle your work?  Authors....
And... I have no idea about cheerleaders so imma just hide over here... *shuffles away*
Emily__H Emily__H Mar 11, 2016
Deep! Imagine if someone actually said that to you! Unfortunately there are some people out there just like that
JessiCole05 JessiCole05 Jun 19, 2016
*Thought while reading this at 4am* Can werewolves even have braces? Would their wolf have braces too? Haha that's a funny thought :P
FlyWithTheFalcons FlyWithTheFalcons Jul 05, 2016
Why do they always have high pitched voices? What if she were actually pretty for once?