The Sweet Side of The Bad Boy.

The Sweet Side of The Bad Boy.

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Destiny Asia Dorsette. By awkwardlyrare Completed

Selena thought she knew love; but she was so wrong.

It was like a balloon being held up against a sharp object. You can see where it's caving in, yet it refuses to burst until you've driven it straight through. Selena's feeling that way, about the pressure, about the relationship, about everything. But she can't do anything about it, or else he'll do something unpleasant to her.

Then, there's Zero. You'd never really hear peep from him. So, imagine Selena's surprise when no matter what they do to avoid it, they continue to come into contact with one another. Fate continues to place them in each other's path.

There was only one explanation for it, really.

PeaceWillWin PeaceWillWin Nov 14, 2016
Ditch that boy. I would never eat a salad because he made me. I'd be eating chicken.
bedazzler21 bedazzler21 Oct 23, 2016
Isn't Ashley like a girl name... no offense to any guy with that name
youwouldliketoknow youwouldliketoknow Nov 11, 2016
See what you do is depending on if you can you or have someone call the school and ask to speak to said boring teacher and continue to speak to him until class is over... Or simply have multiple people call him throughout class
sunshine772 sunshine772 Aug 20, 2016
Dude nope Chad can kiss my behind you can't take sweets away from a girl it's like taking a bbys bottle
sophxant sophxant 2 days ago
What kind of parent lets there teenage girl get book implants??
sophxant sophxant 2 days ago
Did you say a book?? I already like him a thousand, million times better then that Chad dude.