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The Sweet Side of The Bad Boy.

The Sweet Side of The Bad Boy.

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Destiny Asia Dorsette. By awkwardlyrare Completed

Selena thought she knew love; but she was so wrong.

It was like a balloon being held up against a sharp object. You can see where it's caving in, yet it refuses to burst until you've driven it straight through. Selena's feeling that way, about the pressure, about the relationship, about everything. But she can't do anything about it, or else he'll do something unpleasant to her.

Then, there's Zero. You'd never really hear peep from him. So, imagine Selena's surprise when no matter what they do to avoid it, they continue to come into contact with one another. Fate continues to place them in each other's path.

There was only one explanation for it, really.

You better eat that icecream before I go over there and smack the Chad outta you . 😒
*deep breathe*
                              *a few minutes later*
                              "So you're saying that he miraculously 'slipped' right toward Zero's taser and it accidentally went off for 20 minutes and no one stop it?"
                              "Yes officer."
                              "But Zero said you paid him for the taser?"
                              "Hmmmm......nope. I don't recall that. "
Oh hell fûçk no bíțçh you better get you some ice cream with a cheeseburger and large fires on the side with sweet tea
Mai_stylez Mai_stylez Mar 13
I hate math too and i have a 3 hour test tomorrow for it wish me luck😣😥😥. BTW I'm in 5th grade.
Half a chapter in and I already hate the guy! How can people eat JUST salad?! I like salad as a side meal but you gotta have some real food! I'm Indian, we eat a lot, Sue me!
tinab12345 tinab12345 Apr 12
Well chad should go cut off his thing and suck it himself because i would not be giving up my food for no man... correction boy