The Proxy Trials...

The Proxy Trials...

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Every year, 20 girls are kidnapped for The Proxy Trials.

So you've all heard of Slender Man, right? Maybe if you look close enough among the trees, you'll find him. He's watching you, and he's ready for you.

Scared and confused, these girls (Commonly referred to as The Selected) are forced into completing life-threatening tests Slender likes to call the Proxy Trials. They'll have to victor 10 dangerous tasks just to get to the worst part, which comes after. Follow the journeys of Dawn, Violet, Axel, Rinwana and 16 others and discover who has the strength,  or the courage, to become a PROXY. 

Why is he making the girls do these 'escapades' ? He needs Proxies, for a reason only he is allowed to know.

Only a handful of survivors will remain, but the question is - Would it be better to die, then suffer from what comes after? 
Your choice.

(Book # 1 of The Proxy Trials fanfic series.) yes, I highlight FANFICTION.

  • creepy-pasta
  • humor
  • kidnap
  • murder
  • mystery
  • proxy
  • random
  • survival
  • thriller
Deathunicorn1 Deathunicorn1 Aug 20, 2017
Masky you are awesome and are you ready to go to the mansion
                              *laughs like a maniac*
Winterpelt500 Winterpelt500 Jul 01, 2017
Masky because he has a hoodie, jeans, and mask just like you described.
Cotton_Candy_Weather Cotton_Candy_Weather Mar 27, 2017
You DON'T PUT PERIODS BEFORE THE WORDS "and" OR "but" IT'S NOT GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT!! sorry my inner author got triggered.
Red_Winter_Willow Red_Winter_Willow Jan 14, 2017
Lets be real here if lights start going off and on around me I would have run so fast or be out the window
Obsvcran44 Obsvcran44 Jun 01, 2015
its....either masky or hoodie.......idk im not really all that fangirly 0_0