It's Not The Drugs (KakaNaru) (ManxBoy)

It's Not The Drugs (KakaNaru) (ManxBoy)

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Wolfy-Chan By JayJaytheKillah Updated Mar 05, 2015

Kakashi is a playful, lazy 10th grade biology teacher who is often later to class then even his most troubled students. 

Naruto is an ex-forced drug addict with a sharp tongue, a cutting problem, and trust issues. 

His perverted, light hearted teacher takes more than a teacher-student concern towards the quick-witted blondes he tries to push Naruto towards the help he needs. Will Naruto take it, and in turn, welcome Kakashi's love? 

Or will he push him away, his past rearing it's ugly head and making him crowd deeper in to his dark corner?

Whenever someone says 'woof' in a Fanfiction, I immediately picture Tyler Oakley saying it in the video with Jack and Finn from like 2013, 2014 😂
For a moment I thought I was like shooting up schools for some reason. I have a messed up mine.
I thought IG said "bored ass kakashi" bug it said "board as kakashi" lol I feel stupid
OOKillemJay OOKillemJay Nov 14
i can never take it serious when someone calls him duckbutt 😭
katiekat53 katiekat53 2 days ago
Lmao this happened once and we all got to do what ever we wanted for about ten minutes.
'we used to shoot up together' I thought that meant grow tall together... but apparently not...