Fairy Tail One Shots.

Fairy Tail One Shots.

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ashdarkangel By ashdarkangel Updated 2 days ago

The title says it all. Fairy Tail one shots. 

if you have any requests for characters, just comment but I'm only doing character x reader.

Feel free to ask for an OC X Reader.

Also, at first there are Reader OC X character. No reader inserts, but if you further ahead, there will be some reader inserts

Oh no! An S-class wizard squeaked! It's the end of the world! Note the sarcasm
Is it just me or does 'Yes girl' by Bea Miller fits this chapter really well. I  listened to it while reading this and it sounded like this chapter was meant for the song
Idiot is my favorite word... That and supercalifragalisticexbialidocious
GiaWilliams GiaWilliams Aug 23
                              Missa: NO I AM 
                              (Sorry if I spelled her name wrong haven't watched the show in a while)
                              THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!! HHAHAHAA..... 
                              Its okay I'll be uke this time *awkward wink*
Kage means shadow in Japanese. That's the last name of my OC, Jia Kage