Fairy Tail One Shots.

Fairy Tail One Shots.

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ashdarkangel By ashdarkangel Updated Dec 03, 2016

The title says it all. Fairy Tail one shots. 

if you have any requests for characters, just comment but I'm only doing character x reader.

Feel free to ask for an OC X Reader.

Also, at first there are Reader OC X character. No reader inserts, but if you further ahead, there will be some reader inserts

Josiehamrocks Josiehamrocks Jun 12, 2016
Oh no! An S-class wizard squeaked! It's the end of the world! Note the sarcasm
FTLories4everafter FTLories4everafter Jun 30, 2016
Is it just me or does 'Yes girl' by Bea Miller fits this chapter really well. I  listened to it while reading this and it sounded like this chapter was meant for the song
AnimeYouTubePenguin AnimeYouTubePenguin Aug 02, 2016
Idiot is my favorite word... That and supercalifragalisticexbialidocious
TheFabulousQueenRaya TheFabulousQueenRaya Aug 26, 2016
GRAYS ABOUT TO RAPE US . HELP US O MIGHTY LLAMA *my friend comes and we start a llama ritual*
llama_freakk llama_freakk May 16, 2016
That's the combat I use all the time.
                              "You're so stupid."
                              "YOUR FACE IS STUPID! COME AT ME!!"
To the people who mentioned the whole oc thing, if it bothers you so much then suck it up and pretend its you, kay? Kay!