Book 1: My Wolf  [#Wattys2014 ] boy x boy

Book 1: My Wolf [#Wattys2014 ] boy x boy

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Book 1: The Blackwood Series

Kimmton Ramirez, son of Don Kristoff Ramirez - a very wealthy, powerful and influential Mafia Leader in Italy and trained as one of their best assassin.
He love his life and family as he hate the attention it gives. But he wanted and dreamed to be normal, have friends and live a life like any normal teenage boy.
His father love him and just wanted him to be happy, so he decided to let him live in America. Wishing that his son can achieve the happiness that his son always wanted. Then he met Deathon Blackwood. A handsome jock. He become captivated and entranced. And each passing day he can feel himself falling for him. But the problem is, he is a dude. He never felt attracted to guys before and he can't explain the sudden attraction that he felt for him. But he discovered something about him that change his life and everything he knows...
Can he accept him wholly or would he rather live his life normally as what he wanted it to be?

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Dang this story sounded real good....but the grammar and spelling makes it to confusing to read.sorry
grouchstories grouchstories Jan 12, 2015
I'd prefer if you referred more to the first chapter, unless you do that later. This one is short, but short is okay :)
natalee_mathis17 natalee_mathis17 Dec 28, 2014
Good second chapter. Id suggest going back and editing a bit, but still good.
TheNewMe98 TheNewMe98 Dec 19, 2014
Love the first chapter. Highly amusing, interesting and enjoyable!!
Dany1908 Dany1908 Dec 11, 2014
at last he can have a "normal" life
                              ern hijo is spanish
                              maybe you meant figlio
Dany1908 Dany1908 Dec 11, 2014
hm the guy seems pretty funny and chill 
                              and seems a good killer as well
                              nice start