Freddy Fazbear x Reader (Discontinued)

Freddy Fazbear x Reader (Discontinued)

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Cirque Du Désespoir By VexyVex Updated Jul 11, 2015

(y/n) loved going to Freddy's each day when you little. All the animatronics loved having you around except Freddy. For some reason he hated having you there. The other animatronics never understood why, he loved all the children that came but just not you. One day (y/n) returns to Freddy's for the mechanic and night shift job.

(y/n) didn't have to survive the five nights, no, you had to survive Freddy.

I don't own FNAF

Normally you need to kill me too but
                              *triggered* WERE SPECIAL
Why do I think of foxy picking me up and flinging me around the room
Bonnie and Chica were like :
                              IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME GOOOOOOOO
Soft pink, and this velvety kind of blue which is hard to describe
He suddenly unzips his pants and pulls out a jar of sprinkles while smirking lol
What family the only family I want to be part of is the foxy and Bonnie family