Freddy Fazbear x Reader (Discontinued)

Freddy Fazbear x Reader (Discontinued)

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Queen of Darkness By VexyVex Completed

(y/n) loved going to Freddy's each day when you little. All the animatronics loved having you around except Freddy. For some reason he hated having you there. The other animatronics never understood why, he loved all the children that came but just not you. One day (y/n) returns to Freddy's for the mechanic and night shift job.

(y/n) didn't have to survive the five nights, no, you had to survive Freddy.

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                              WHY?!?! ;^;
                              ANSWER ME! ;A;
EmiTokumei EmiTokumei Feb 12
OK I will take a S I T........I THINK I MESSED UP...DO I TAKE A SIT OR A SEAT??
                              NOT GONNA DIE TONIGHT!
                              WE'VE GOTTA STAND AND FIGHT FOREVER!
                              (DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES)
                              NOT GONNA DIE TONIGHT!
                              WE'VE GOTTA FIGHT FOR US TOGETHER!
                              NOT GONNA DIE TONIGHT!
                              (If you know this song, your my best friend and you have the choice of:
                              Ice Cream
                              Gummy worms
                              a Cupcake ^W^)
Of courses he does because I was nicer to the rest while repairing then
Freddy: Ha! The reader is going to be afraid of me!
                              Me: *goes up behind Freddy without him knowing* Boo!
                              Freddy: *screams a very girly scream*
                              Me: *laughs*
Me: Yay! We're family!!!!
                              Freddy: No, never
                              Me: *mumbled under my breath* Yes we are, Fazfuck