Freddy Fazbear x Reader (Discontinued)

Freddy Fazbear x Reader (Discontinued)

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!~Honey Bear~! By VexyVex Updated Jul 11, 2015

(y/n) loved going to Freddy's each day when you little. All the animatronics loved having you around except Freddy. For some reason he hated having you there. The other animatronics never understood why, he loved all the children that came but just not you. One day (y/n) returns to Freddy's for the mechanic and night shift job.

(y/n) didn't have to survive the five nights, no, you had to survive Freddy.

I don't own FNAF

Night-and-Mia Night-and-Mia 3 days ago
*Knifes hit the wall next to freddys face*AWWW I MISSED!!*walks away*
Night-and-Mia Night-and-Mia 3 days ago
Hehe but I never tell you I will play fair.So It on.Ready to die.*Get out a ice blue blade*
Welp that escalated quickly. 
                                   -does peace sign and disappears-
                              Freddy: where the freak did she go?
Wait we can't just ran out the damn place? I don't care if I get fired I ran out that mother fcking place.
foxfire03 foxfire03 Sep 27
Black or purple, and yes I'm roleplaying as Juleka Couffaine from miraculous ladybug, she's on of my favorite characters on the show
MeganMPeck MeganMPeck Oct 19
Wtf I thought this was suppose to be "freddy x reader" not "reader gets family zoned"