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Fire: Book 3(Avatar the Last Airbender Fanfic)

Fire: Book 3(Avatar the Last Airbender Fanfic)

27.9K Reads 1K Votes 11 Part Story
Christina By Kamuiouka Updated Dec 07, 2016

The gaang is back and ready to face more challenging tasks. Including finding a fire bending teacher for Ky and Aang. However, Ky feels that a great danger is coming and with her powers getting stronger...who knows what could happen. Can the gaang conquer the most difficult task of all or is someone going to be lost to the war? Find out in book three of the four part series. 


Under editing and completing 

All cover credits go to Viva_la_Charlie! I do not own anything.

KrK69r KrK69r Jul 29, 2016
The reason he sounds like Zuko is because *spoiler alert* they are technically related because Roko was Zuko's mum's dad making Aang technically his other grandad other than Sozin
sweetSugar543 sweetSugar543 Aug 24, 2016
I completely understand and I'm glad that you are going to continue in the story
PinkSugar3 PinkSugar3 Jan 31
Ok, I think you should do a legend of Korra fanfic but it should be about Korra and her guardian not rly Ky and aangs granddaughter... But it's rly ur choice
PandaberryIBOOKS PandaberryIBOOKS Nov 11, 2015
AWESOME!! Can't wait!! Also if you have time can you make more fan fictions about aang and ky?
MakenzieRowell MakenzieRowell Oct 21, 2015
This is so cool!!! I have read all three books please update soon!!
Zaden4eva Zaden4eva Sep 28, 2015
please update soon.  Aang and Ky are so cute together. And the idea of their granddaughter is amazing!