Kidnapped By My Mate

Kidnapped By My Mate

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Ella & Ali By fraternalbooklovers Updated Oct 24, 2016

Getting broken up with sucks. Getting cheated on sucks more. Getting cheated on, on your 3 year anniversary because you saw the school slut having sex with him is like holy-shit-this-sucks-a-lot kind of suck. So, my twin sister Adalicia takes me out for ice cream at DQ.

I see this super hot guy while Adie is getting our ice cream. Then, we leave only for them to appear again.

We get kidnapped. And I'll later learn that I got kidnapped by my mate. And he's a werewolf. An alpha. Which makes me an Adalicia lunas because my mate's twin brother is also alpha. Who is Adalicia's mate. 

To think I go from crying over my asshole ex to being kidnapped by my werewolf, super hot mate. I'm in for a hell of a lot of adventures.

Oh, and I'm Adrianne who got us into this mess.  But call me 'Adrianne' I'll slap you. I go by Audrey. I'm the twin who'll kick your ass for doing anything that'll piss me off. Adalicia is the twin who'll never protect herself but always protect everyone else. I know weird. 

Read how I was: Kidnapped By My Mate. 

***On Hold***
(Also read at least the first paragraph of the pre-chapter because ya'll still filling my notifs)

Not to be a hater but bronco is a team name so it should either be Seahawks vs Broncos or Seattle vs Denver.... just had to put that out
I understand that everyone makes mistakes but it should be looking not lucking... I'm sorry I'm horrible when it comes to grammar mistakes and all and I just want you to know this for future references
I loved it soo much when her hair was like that... it was so pretty...
Naw, really? (This comment was made for other's amusement, not for offensive purposes. If this comment was offensive, my sincerest apologies.)
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demona10 demona10 Oct 24, 2016
When I read the blurb I immediately thought of sexy greek god kidnappers but I think your book is also very interesting.  I'm so excited ok imma shut up and read!