Shut Up  ["Shut" series book one] (Hetalia Spamano Fan-fiction)

Shut Up ["Shut" series book one] (Hetalia Spamano Fan-fiction)

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(Shut Series Book 1) Spamano Fan-Fiction. Hetalia World Academy AU. Lovino is an angsty little Italian
boy that just wants to be left alone. Antonio is a happy go lucky Spanish boy that loves to make new friends. When the two meet for the first time they both have an odd intrigue with each other that neither can explain. After a struggle they become friends, but to both of them something still feels like it's missing between them. Are they truly just friends? Or is there something more stewing?

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I'm American and I have about 12 names. They are things like bïtch, slüt, whöre, bastard, et cetera~
I'm actually dating someone who's real name is Eren, and no, they're not from the show. This is in real life.
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Also: Am I the only one who noticed how people in books describe their crushes like: His eyes twinkled in the sun... His smile could light up a dimly lit room with just a meek smirk While I'm like: O HAWT DAYUM WUT YOR NAM LEITZ MEAK OWT.
I don't know whether to be his friend in order to prevent his loneliness or to just ignore it so Feli won't have to stop eating pasta...
Your going to thank me if you respond to this comment author
Ahem *flips through notes* Mister, I'm sorry to be the one to inform you this but, yeah, yes you do.