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Mentors (A Joshler Fanfic)

Mentors (A Joshler Fanfic)

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21PilotsDead By 21PilotsDead Completed

Warning: Will contain mentions of suicide, cutting, depression, and  gay smut. Tyler Joseph is a depressed and suicidal ninth grader, struggling through life. Josh Dun  is a popular senior, captain of the soccer team. Josh signs up to be a mentor to an at risk undergrad and gets assigned to the school loner and weirdo, Tyler Joseph. The two quickly bond over school work and that bond begins to evolve into something even more. But will Tyler be able to accept love he doesn't think he deserves? Will Josh be able to come to terms with his sexuality and be able to be there for Tyler when he needs him most? Read to find out!

ilikeyoghurt ilikeyoghurt 3 days ago
das not true, u r a bootyful, beautiful smol bean and we love u
ugh is it i'm a kitchen sink or at my kitchen sink...? this bugs me
I did it because the pain from the cuts would just distract me for a little it wouldn't actually take away the pain
tyler is me, practically staking my crush by eyeing him the whole lesson
re-reading this for the third time... aghhh it's like my favorite fic of all time i can't even
i have my fanfics mixed up but i think this is the one i wanna re-read