Never Should've Left-Jiper

Never Should've Left-Jiper

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piglover555 By piglover555 Updated Aug 08, 2016


Jason left me for Reyna.
He went to Camp Jupiter.
He said, "I'll never leave you."
Yet, he is not in my life anymore.
So, I ran away.


I chose Reyna over Piper.
I went to Camp Jupiter.
I couldn't bare to see her after I decided.
But now, she's in trouble, because of me.
I never should have left...

KawaiiSenseixox KawaiiSenseixox Jun 17, 2016
That is messed up bro. You better sleep with one eye open boi.
Bluecookies123 Bluecookies123 Dec 05, 2015
Jason's dead......the camp/seven/Gods are going to kìll him
im_a_fangirl1989 im_a_fangirl1989 Jan 23, 2015
I actually like Jason @TJ_the_peach  but I hate him despise him and you get the Point...
TJ_the_peach TJ_the_peach Jan 17, 2015
He did not just say that. Everyone who asks me why I hate Jason this is why! He's not just like this in fanfictions he's so useless in the books too. Just my opinion don't hate on it